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Eye on the Industry: March 2017 (IQOS: Will this really change everything?)

Earlier this year Philip Morris International (PMI) re-branded its website and unveiled its new Smoke-Free Manifesto. “How long will the world’s leading cigarette company be in the cigarette business?” it asks. The cover of PMI’s 2016 annual report features an image of an IQOS accompanied by the statement “This changes everything.”

IQOS is a cross between a cigarette and an electronic cigarette—a tobacco “heat-not-burn” product that is the first platform of four smoke-free offerings by PMI that the company purports to be “reduced risk”. Tobacco “HeatSticks,” stubby looking cigarettes comprised of reconstituted tobacco plugs, are heated to less than 350⁰C via an electronic blade housed within the IQOS device. The heat releases the nicotine and the flavour from the tobacco in a vapour, but there is no combustion and therefore no smoke.

IQOS: Will this really change everything?

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