Why is Membership Important?

The Non-Smokers’ Rights Association has developed a hard-earned reputation in Canada and in international health circles for its forceful health advocacy. In fact, the NSRA has been the driving force behind several world precedents directed at both the second-hand smoke problem and prevention of Canadian kids from becoming future statistics of the tobacco epidemic.

We have become major players in the health field thanks to

  • membership fees to the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association (NSRA) and
  • donations to the related Smoking and Health Action Foundation (SHAF)

Both means of support are critical.

Much of the NSRA’s income from membership fees is used for vital legal and lobbying activities directed toward law reform. Your membership fees and renewals fund some of the most critical health advocacy and law reform work performed anywhere.

Your membership helps in another key way. One of the first things politicians asks is “how many members do you represent?” Only if we keep your membership current can we maintain a strong membership base.

Membership involves no commitment of time, no necessity to attend meetings. In fact, membership simply helps us address the issues more effectively. So please take out a membership or renew today.

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