Non-Smokers’ Rights Association

The NSRA is a voluntary non-profit health organization that has worked exclusively in the field of tobacco control for over 40¬†years. Its mission is to promote public health by eliminating illness and death caused by tobacco, including second-hand smoke. The NSRA has members in all provinces and territories. More about NSRA…

Smoking and Health Action Foundation

SHAF is a national, non-profit health organization formed in 1974 to conduct public policy research and education designed to reduce tobacco-related disease and death. SHAF is the sister organization of the NSRA, and acts as a policy think-tank for governments and NGOs in Canada and abroad. More about SHAF…

Important Notice

Due to a lack of resources, this website has not been updated since June 2018. However, existing documents will remain accessible for the foreseeable future.


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