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Plain and Standardized Tobacco Packaging: One Package Format—Slide-and-Shell—One Package Size

The federal government has committed to implementing plain and standardized tobacco packaging (PSP) before the end of its mandate (October 2020). Bill S-5, which would give the government legal authority to enact PSP, is winding its way through Parliament. Once the Bill has been passed, draft regulations will be published in the Canada Gazette, Part I that spell out all of the specific prohibitions and requirements that constitute “plain” and “standardized” packaging of tobacco products. The public will have 75 calendar days from the date of publication to comment on the proposal.

Based on a significant body of research evidence and Australia’s experience with PSP over the past four years, health groups in Canada are unanimous in their call for Canadian PSP regulations to restrict cigarette packs to one format—slide-and-shell—and to one uniform pack size


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