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The influence of tobacco powerwall advertising on children

The complete report is found here: The Influence of Tobacco Powerwall Advertising o­n Children

powerwall-tmbThis video, although available for download here on-line, is best viewed in CD or videotape format, which we’d be glad to ship to you, if you contact our Toronto office: (416) 928-2900, and make a request.

Please include your name, contact information, title, and the organization that you work for or represent.

You may also download this video in whole or in part using the links below:

Part 1 (.WMV, 6.15MB)
Part 2 (.WMV, 8.25MB)
Part 3 (.WMV, 12.50MB)
Part 4 (.WMV, 8.98MB)
Part 5 (.WMV, 9.49MB)
Complete Video (.WMV, 50MB)

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