Key Issues

in Opposition to Clean Air Laws, Second-hand Smoke

Tobacco Industry Front Groups

Since Big Tobacco is generally perceived as being untrustworthy in the public’s eye, tobacco companies will often employ more credible third parties to promote their viewpoints and further their agendas.  This can be done either by tricking existing organizations into becoming industry mouthpieces, or creating new organizations to do their dirty work.

When it comes to smoke-free by-laws and the fight for clean air in the hospitality industry, Big Tobacco has managed to coax many legitimate organizations into fighting their fight. Such organizations include hotel associations, restaurant and foodservice associations, and bar and pub associations. Typically, the tobacco industry will send someone in to stir up fears of economic doom and gloom, and then provide funding to the organization to fight against the by-law process. For example, the program “Courtesy of Choice” was created to channel tobacco money into fighting against clean air by-laws. Beware! You may not even think this is happening in your own community, only to discover at the 11th hour that Big Tobacco has been there all along, quietly working away to destroy any progress you may be making. Pro-smoking groups have also been in vocal opposition to smoke-free by-laws, posting tobacco industry-generated propaganda on their websites and generally stirring up fears and prophesying doom and gloom. For a better idea of what the industry and pro-smoking groups have been up to both in Canadian communities and abroad, visit the following sites:

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