July 3, 2014 What Were They Smoking?
May 13, 2011 Second Bi-National Conference on the Illegal Tobacco Trade
April 30, 2009 Contraband Tobacco Brochure (March 2009)
August 19, 2008 Imperial and Rothmans Admit Guilt in 1990s Cigarette Smuggling Crimes
April 24, 2007 NSRA/SHAF brochure on tobacco smuggling and contraband in Canada
April 24, 2007 Health Groups Launch Campaign for Action on Tobacco Contraband
August 1, 2005 The prevention of tobacco smuggling in Canada: Proposals from an Expert Panel
April 7, 2003 Rothmans: Background on Corporate Structure
April 7, 2003 Background on the Philip Morris paper trail
April 7, 2003 Rothmans Inc.: Potential Smuggling Liability
February 20, 2003 Federal government files civil lawsuit against RJR and the CTMC to recover smuggling damages
February 19, 2003 Rothmans, Benson & Hedges and the Smuggling of Cigarettes into Canada
January 27, 2003 The Smuggling of Tobacco Products
January 26, 2003 Cigarette Smuggling: A Global Weapon against Public Health Measures
January 26, 2003 What do we know about cigarette smuggling in other parts of the world?
January 26, 2003 Spain and Germany join the EU action
January 26, 2003 Forensic Investigative Associates, Rod Stamler and the U.S. “National Coalition against Crime and Tobacco Contraband”
January 26, 2003 Revelations about British American Tobaccco and smuggling
January 26, 2003 What do we know about the smuggling of cigarettes into Canada?
January 26, 2003 Canadian health groups file complaint about RCMP failure to prosecute industry executives
January 26, 2003 Stunning Montréal Gazette / ICIJ series on links between organized crime and cigarette industry
July 1, 2001 Imperial Tobacco, Imasco, and the Smuggling of Cigarettes into Canada
November 6, 2000 EU launches lawsuit against Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds
October 25, 1999 Surveying the Damage
July 18, 1999 Tobacco insider talks: major firms were deeply involved in cross-border smuggling, former executive says

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