Canadian Resources

This is a partial list of tobacco control groups and information sources. 

Smoke-Free Housing Ontario
Smoke-Free Housing Ontario is  helping increase options for smoke-free living. Demand for smoke-free environments is on the rise. Ontarians are protected from second-hand smoke in virtually all enclosed workplaces and public places, yet many remain unwillingly exposed in their own homes as a result of smoke from neighbouring units.

Canadian Council for Tobacco Control
The Council runs an excellent documentation centre and has published numerous interesting fact sheets. Its list of resources a good starting point for tobacco-related research

Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada
PSC is one of the few Canada-wide NGOs devoted exclusively to tobacco control.

Ontario Tobacco Research Unit
The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (OTRU) is an Ontario-based research network and is a respected source of science-based information on tobacco control.

Action on Smoking & Health
Alberta-based ASH is an interesting Western Canadian success story in the NGO sector.

Alberta Tobacco Reduction Stategy
The Truth About Tobacco website by the Albert Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC) has lots of information about Alberta smoke-free bylaws and other interesting documentation.

Health Canada
The federal Department of Health now has a central index of its tobacco-related Web documents — with lots of interesting facts and figures.

British Columbia Tobacco Strategy
British Columbia has taken the lead in efforts to denormalize the tobacco industry.

International Resources
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This list is not intended to be a complete list of tobacco control groups and information sources. Consult the National Clearinghouse site or one of the super sites for further links.

International links

World Health Organization
The World Health Organization has recently made tobacco control one of its top priorities, and is working on a Framework Convention on tobacco control.

Journal of Tobacco Control
The world’s first peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to tobacco control — must-read material, now available on-line in full text. (Free until March 2000.)

Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco
After decades of tobacco control efforts, we’re still just scratching the surface about what nicotine and tobacco actually do to the human brain. The SRNT publishes fascinating material on the issue, including a new peer-reviewed journal.

Tobacco BBS
For up-to-the-minute information on tobacco news, especially in the United States, Gene Borio’s site is the place to go. Includes lots of interesting links as well.

Sites in other countries


Australian Council on Smoking and Health
The Australians have led the world on several tobacco control issues, including how to deal with the thorny problem of sponsorships by tobacco companies.

ASH Australia
Hard-hitting information about the tobacco industry down under.


Aliança de Controle do Tabagismo
Though it doesn’t get much press in North America, Brazil has the largest tobacco-control coalition in the world (followed, incidentally, by Québec). This particular member organization, in the northeastern state of Ceará, is dedicated to the “health of smokers and ex-smokers.” But unlike most smokers’ groups, which are fronts for the tobacco industry, this one is for real. (In Portuguese.)


Comité national contre le tabagisme (CNCT)
Despite the popular image of wine-drinking, Gitanes-smoking French café dwellers, France actually has relatively progressive policies on tobacco control, though enforcement is sometimes lax. The CNCT is working hard to improve matters.


Netzwerk Nichtrauchen
Amongst major industrialized countries, Germany lags far behind in tobacco control efforts: vending machines and tobacco ads are everywhere. However, in recent years there have been some hopeful signs of progress. See also: Nichtraucher-Info, a newsletter published by Nichtraucher-Initiative Deutschland (in German only).

Great Britain

ASH – Action on Smoking and Health
ASH UK, not to be confused with its namesakes in Alberta and elsewhere, publishes reams of fascinating documents on the tobacco industry’s misdeeds.


Thailand Action on Smoking and Health Foundation
In the heart of Asia, one of the biggest growth areas for the tobacco industry, Thailand has been a beacon for public health efforts. (Lots in English.)

United States

Centers for Disease Control
CDC, based in Atlanta, publishes regular information on tobacco and issues policy recommendations.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
One of the major US NGOs in tobacco control, which played a significant role in negotiations with the industry on civil liability. CTFK is particularly active in international issues.

Tobacco Control Resource Centre
Richard Daynard, a law professor at Northeastern University in Boston, is credited with making legal action against the tobacco industry a reality. His university runs this very useful site, which is particularly good for legal information.

QuitNet (Massachusetts)
Along with California (and, more recently, Florida), Massachusettes has the international reputation of having one of the world’s most effective tobacco control programs.

State Tobacco Information Center
Want to know more about state lawsuits against the U.S. tobacco industry? This is a good starting point.

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