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A Leaked Document From Imperial Tobacco Shows How The Canadian Convenience Stores Association And Its Affiliate Were Used As Front Groups To Block Health Regulations And Tobacco Taxes

Ottawa & Montreal, October 18, 2016 — A confidential presentation by Imperial Tobacco

Canada to its multinational parent company, British American Tobacco, reveals both the objectives and tactics behind the company’s decade-long campaign to “keep the contraband issue alive”, despite the fact that contraband decreased substantially in the country during this

The document, provided by an anonymous whistleblower, shows how Imperial Tobacco used retailer and other business associations as front groups for their lobbying efforts aimed at preventing effective regulations and tax increases.

Leaked Documents:

CORA AIT Strategy: Raising Public Awareness & Demanding Government Action, Imperal Tobacco Canada, August 2012

How Imperial Tobacco Ran A Fear Campaign About Contraband Cigarettes To Block Taxes And Prevent Health Regulations


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